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          Teri and Brad Freitas

Teri and Brad Freitas are Optavia Certified Health Coach’s who have been paying their success forward to friends, family, and their community.  In April 2018 Teri decided to better her health and became a client of Optavia. Taking that step, she joined millions of others who wanted to better their health, confidence and vitality.

Having great success Teri knew she wanted to share the program and she became a Certified Health Coach. Taking that step gave her the opportunity to reach out and share the Optavia program. One of the first people she reached out to was her own husband Brad who like Teri, became a client.  After having amazing success on the program Brad himself decide to join his wife as a Health Coach.


Together they share this awesome program with the world paying it forward by providing  support, guidance, and education to clients.  As coaches Teri and Brad are their clients main point of support, but behind them is the Optavia Community who are thousands of like-minded people that help to an encourage, teach, and support each other.

Teri and Brad are not only health coaches, but they are Optavia business partners.  As business partner they look forward to inspiring and guiding others toward the awesome business opportunities available with the program.  Under their guidance new business coaches learn how to be the most inspiring and successful health coach who will have the awesome ability to pay it forward to family friends and associates.  New coaches also will learn how the program can be a life fulfilling endeavor, by providing financial freedom, confidence, and the satisfaction that they can pursue lifelong dreams.

Are you ready to take that next step to a better and healthier you?  let Teri and Brad guide you to lifelong success.  Press the "Learn More "  button and watch the magic of a healthy life astound you.




"WOW" look at Bryan.  63 pounds gone in 3 months.  Initially Bryan only started the program to support his wife Renee who began her own health journey, but Bryan quickly found himself loving the program and the healthy benefits of eating right.  He realized for himself that he was overweight, unhealthy., and he was now ready to make changes to his life for himself.  During his transition Bryan has fully embraced his new lifestyle and has become a walking and talking testament  to the power of a Healthy lifestyle change.  


Six months ago Renee had difficulty moving around due to problems with her knee joints, and she genuinely did not fell healthy.  Realizing that being overweight was seriously exacerbating her knee condition., and that being unhealthy could lead to many other health issues, she decided to step out in faith and join the program.  She has now rocked the program and lost 50 pounds. This loss has relieved the pressure on her knee's and made her feel so much healthier. She has said "I love the program so much that I not stopping and am going for more!!!!"


Three months ago Mark decided to take his life back after he realized that he needed help to make lifelong changes to his health. He stepped out of his comfort zone and got onboard.  He has now lost 43 pounds and no longer feels sluggish, overweight, and unhealthy.  A new, healthy, and awesome life awaits him everyday.    

Disclaimer:  Average weight loss on the Optimal 5&1 Plan is 12 pounds.  Clients are in weight loss , on average, for 12 weeks.  Clients results may vary.


Teri and Brad Freitas

Certified Health Coaches


Teri    (808) 895-8209

Brad  (808) 345-8160